Totem Scaffolding owns an extensive stock of scaffolding materials and equipment to fulfil all types of contract. Our bespoke suppliers can provide additional materials at short notice if needed.

  • All our scaffold tube conforms to either: BS EN 10219-1 with an outside diameter of 48.3mm and a wall thickness of 3.2mm or BS EN 39 with an outside diameter of 48.3mm and a wall thickness of 4mm. These are regularly inspected.

  • Scaffold fittings are tested to relevant British and European standards, EN 74. Class A fittings have a slip resistance of 6.10kN and Class B fittings have a slip resistance of 9.10kN. All fittings are regularly inspected and serviced.

  • We have both Grade A boards which are graded to industry standard, and BSI boards that comply with BS 2482. All have a nominal thickness of 38mm and are 225mm wide. Boards are inspected daily to ensure they meet our high safety standards.


Totem Scaffolding holds a selection of hoists and a variety of associated lifting equipment including straps, buckets and chains. These can be used by contractors when additional high-level access is required.

All of our lifting equipment and hoists are carefully checked and inspected before installation and use. Maintenance and inspections, as required by the Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 9 (LOLER 1998) schedule 1, are carried out by an independent specialist service provider to ensure they remain safe and serviceable. LOLER reports can be supplied upon request.

Our lifting equipment stock includes:

  • L-Europea Davit scaffold, wire cable hoists with a safe working load of 250kg.
  • L-Europea Gantry scaffold, wire cable hoists with a safe working load of 500kg and 300kg.
  • Manual chain hoists with safe working loads of 500kg and 1000kg.
  • Manual rope and wheel hoists to suit a variety of height requirements.
  • CM Lodestar electric chain hoists with safe working load of 500kg.
  • Adjustable push-travel beam trolleys with safe working loads of 1000kg and RSJ steels to suit various length requirements.
  • 30mL Scaffold runway system with safe working loads of 350kg.
  • Hoist buckets and skips, webbing slings, barrow slings and working material hoist bags.


I have worked with Totem Scaffolding over the last 21 months on an extremely complex build to an existing grade 2 listed Chapel at Radley College. They have installed tons of scaffolding within the existing Chapel over rows of existing pews to allow the installation of significant structural steel beams. Once this work was complete all the scaffolding was struck and removed without any damage to the existing Chapel’s fixture and fittings, quite an achievement considering the confined working area.

The extension to the Chapel was a complex building with many inter-linked lifts both internally and externally, all completed without any problems whatsoever. Working with the pandemic though out the second half of the project meant that we had to carry out several operations ‘out of sync’ Nic Giles has made sure that whatever our requests that were made, he made sure the resources were there to meet our needs.

Working in such close proximity within the working college was a challenge, but again working with Nic and his Contracts Manager, Steve Hughes, meant that the team that they put together to work on this project were very aware of the sensitive nature of the college and of the building and we have had no complaints from either the professional team or the college on the scaffolders conduct whilst on site, in fact we have had only complements on the way the scaffolders have conducted themselves. During the entire time Totem have been on site we have had zero safety issues with our internal safety audits and with the constant changes and alterations that has to be record they can be truly proud of.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Totem Scaffolding to anyone for use on their projects and I look forward to working with Totem on many projects in the future, as a site manager they are a breath of fresh air within the scaffolding industry and after working many scaffolding companies over my career in the construction industry they all could take a leaf out of Totem’s book on how to work in a professional and safe manner, delivering a quality service.

Karl Devlin FIOC - Site Manager