The majority of Totem Scaffolding scaffolds are built to TG20.21 Technical Guidance and these are issued with a Compliance sheet and Handover certificate upon completion. Ocassionally, scaffolds need to be built outside of TG20.21 Technical Guidance and these are identified at the pre-tender stage so that relevant calculations can be requested to provide proof of structural integrity before works commence.

scaffolding design drawing

Technical Guidance

TG20:21 Technical Guidance was created by the NASC (National Access & Scaffolding Confederation), using strength and stability calculations to conform to the European standard for scaffolding: BS EN 12811. It is also recognised by the Health and Safety Executive and the Construction Industry Training Board.

It is a guide to good practice for tube and fitting scaffolding and working to the standard allows all compliant scaffolds to adhere to the Work at Height Regulations 2005 Schedule 3 part 2 and the British Standard for scaffold requirements - BS EN 12811.

Design Software

The use of CADS Smart Scaffolder Design Software allows us to provide up to date design drawings and compliance sheets for all TG20.21 compliant scaffolds. This software can indicate whether any scaffolds fall outside of the legal requirements and so need specialist engineering design.

In these circumstances, we have access to an independent specialist scaffold design service provider who can produce detailed drawings and relevant calculations.